Ice Cream Glow Up Sweatshirt

Brand: Little Mashers

In stock

An ice cream glow in the dark interactive sweatshirt  that you can draw on with light!

Printed with a special ink that not only glows in the dark giving off an eerie glow, it can also be directly drawn onto with a small penlight.
The afterglow of the drawing remains on the sweat for up to five minutes and then gradually disappears, ready to be drawn on again. You can have endless fun creating illuminous shapes, lines and letters.
A perfect sweatshirt for camping, festivals or parties. The graphic is cool for day or night. Everyone loves the interactive element of this t-shirt.

Each ice cream glow in the dark interactive sweatshirt is hand screenprinted in the UK and packaged in a great gift box with LED pen torch included.
(Mobile phone torches can also be used)

Each sweat is made from 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester.